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I have known and been read by Nedre for 4 years, I find her to be the most excellent spiritualist of her kind. She is the most honest and genuine of the few I’ve come to find. There is a lot of work to be done within our lifetime and many decisions to be made as well as many different avenues we can take and I've found that Nedre is there to help us through it with her honesty and generosity. She is once again a wonderful Tarot reader & spiritualist.

-Oyesina, Newark, DE

I can't say enough about my experiences regarding Nedre's Tarot readings. She always seemed to be able to offer guidance whenever I sought insight on a particular issue, and has done so with the right amount of humor, wit, wisdom and compassion; all with a tremendous amount of uncanny accuracy. She also possesses a warmth that puts even the staunchest skeptic comfortably at ease. I've consulted with her on several occasions regarding matters of personal and professional importance; and have referred many of my colleagues and friends to Nedre with complete confidence in her outstanding gifts and abilities.

Baba Milton
Reiki Master, Massage Therapist
Interfaith Minister

I have sought psychic advisors throughout my life and have run into so many that made claims that never came true. Nedre, however, is the most amazing spiritual reader that I have ever met. Her accuracy level is phenomenal! Predictions come true within minutes after the readings. I have had a few readings with Nedre and she is consistently accurate. I have referred a few people to her and they all have thanked me for bringing this most incredible reader and person into their lives.

-Lindy, Orange County, CA

Ya know that inner voice we're all supposed to listen to? The easiest way to explain Nedre's gift is to say she helps people to tap into this inner voice. Through her readings she is able to immediately get in touch with the highlights of our lives. She extracts from these various paths that could be taken and is a tremendous help with decision-making. Although Nedre has been such a strong guide for me, I have not found her to be at all forceful with her guidance. Rather, Nedre reads very responsibly and with great compassion for the companion who has joined her for a short time at her table. I recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for a little extra help in knowing where to direct their many energies, and thus, their lives.

-Jennifer, Social Worker, Wilmington, DE

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